Creation Science is a concept that can open the doors to making punky rock music without any pressure to succeed or compete with other bands. “Creation Science” is a tool of right wing squares and jokers, but our band is taking back these words to build a psychedelic lab where applied knowledge and skills create music as best we know how, for ourselves and hopefully our friends, with no market but the really really free market.

The songs range from regret over lost relationships, to regret over never realized relationships, to acknowledgment of beauty and acceptance of a more humble place in the universe than previously expected. But this time around, the songs also address more directly the question of political consciousness, slowly forming and perhaps still naive. But a certain amount of new radicalizations were set in motion throughout the US in 2003 when Emperor Bush, a particularly nasty representative of the world capitalist bureaucracy, unleashed a war to save capital in crisis. On this little disc you will hear some of the report backs from the San Francisco streets where a diverse collection of humans attempted to shut down the city in protest of the invasion of Iraq. In the process of that effort, everyone involved had their eyes opened as to what kinds of possibilities lay in mass cooperation against the state, and some of us haven’t stopped seeing since. Many have since been collaborating on new projects, including those which dismiss the stifling presence of the still proselytizing corpse of Lenin to the dustbin of history, even as we work to erode the hegemony of capitalist society and realize a world in which everyone can be a Creation Scientist contributing to the greater good. Much more than just antiwar, and yet this is how it has always been!

What trace of that spirit is heard here is in no way meant to be instructional, as in telling you what to think. We wouldn’t presume to be in such a position anyway. On the other hand, we don’t want these songs to aid any fascists, Republicans, pious liberals, or authoritarian fools in their pursuit of a good time. Now is the time for honesty and self reflection, not more senseless competition and state bolstering fairy tales about self made success or the “basically good heart of the system”. Creation Science embodies creativity and analysis, so don’t ever think we will be suckers to a plastic feel good pacification of the corporate spectacle or the easy out of any supposedly apolitical ideologies. Politics, history, economics, and emotions exist in the same world and cannot be understood one without the others.

The band members are all from the Hawaii punk scene dating back to the 1980s and even the late 1970s. We are veterans of such Hawaii bands as the Vacuum, The Wrong, Yahweh‘s Mistake, Cringer, Broken Man, The Disciples of Chaos, The Start, Saud, Wisdom Tree, Fuckher, Hypo-Depression, and a few others. Dave Ed and Rob had all been in Yahweh‘s Mistake together until Rob left town. A Yahweh cd was later recorded with Dave, Ed, Rudy Trubitt (Squids) and John Nelson (Poi Dog Pondering) on drums.

After Yahweh broke up in 1998, there was a lull during which none of us played together and people were very busy with school, jobs, families etc. But Rob came back and built us a studio to record in, and agitated for us to do something. So in the beginning of 2003 we came together and started to write songs on the spot just to play. “Turn On” was our first number, and it evolved over several months. While songs came slowly at first, the band currently has a backlog of material to record for our next release. Sometime around mid 2004, Jim Cribley came onboard as our fourth Creation Science technician, adding a whole new level of analysis and (subtly) Dionysian empiricism to the process.

The empirical data collected here reveals several things. First of all, we are rock musicians. Secondly, we are not under any pressure to be tough, pretty, or to pander to any type of specialized audience. Thirdly we are a garage band. Beyond this,the listener must make his or her own decisions as to what it all means. We hope this will prove to be an interesting task for you and we realize you could have chosen from millions of other experiments, but we are fairly certain that you have your own reasons to listen (Mom).

Lastly, we would like to thank Charles Darwin for making this all possible.
-Dave Carr December 2005.

Dave Carr: Guitar and Vocals
Rob Cribley: Drums
Ed Tarantino: Bass
Jim Cribley: Guitar

Special Guest Performers:
John Nelson: Congas 
Briana Tarantino: Backing vocals